About MRS

For those of you who don’t know me….just kidding. I’m Rachel Schroath (pronounced Sh-row-th) and I’m a writer, adventurer and chocolate-lover currently living in the DFW area. I grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and really gained a testimony while I was at BYU. I am constantly inspired by the teachings of the gospel and the words of our leaders. I love living life with a sense of humor and a desire to learn.

Mrs. Rachel Schroath

Now on to the fun stuff.


  • I’m married to a wonderful human being (Garrett) who could not be more perfectly suited for me. We met while traveling the world in a study abroad and quickly developed from friends to more than friends. I think he’s a pretty amazing guy. Plus, he gave me a sweet last name making me the only Rachel Schroath in the world (I use to be 1 of 500 Rachel Wood’s).


  • I’m an entrepreneur or girl boss, as I like to say. I work with entrepreneurs to create content like blogs to build their audience. I love getting to learn while I work and make money doing something fun.


  • I read almost 24/7. I am a huge fan of YA and read at least 2-3 books per week. Some say I read pretty fast, but it’s just second nature to me. My favorite non-fic book is Essentialism. It’s a must read!


  • I chose the name Mrs. Rachel Schroath for my blog because 1) I’m using rachelschroath.com for my business and 2) Being married has been the catalyst for a great transformation in me and I love who I’m becoming because of that and 3) The initials of Mrs. Rachel Schroath are MRS and I think that’s kind of perfect/fun.


Rachel Schroath